Taibah Heritage Museum

The museum is located in one of the buildings of Barakah Charity halt located on Aflah bin Saeed Street off King Abdulaziz Street in Madinah.

 It includes a collection of important heritage pieces, and this museum has great interest by Sheikh Omar Abdul-Aziz Mekwar. Next to the museum, there is a large library that contains a wide range of most important historical and cultural books. Heritage pieces are exhibited in the museum in a fabulous and scientific manner within the glass cabinets with wooden ribs designed in the form of small wings. The owner of the museum has provided the required manpower within the Museum, like technicians, administrators, maintenance workers and the cleaners.


About the owner:

Owner: Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Omar Mekwar

Type of Museum: Heritage 

Governorate: Madinah

Contact No.: 0505617574