It was destroyed by fire

A significant event in the history of Madinah was the volcano that erupted in the year 654H (1258CE) in Harra al-Sharqiyyah. The volcano erupted violently and historians say it was preceded by an earthquake of 18 tremors in one day alone, shaking buildings, and the force was so violent that the ceiling of the Prophet’s Mosque was damaged. The eruption fire could be seen from several hundred miles, as predicted by a Hadith.


In the same year, a store-keeper’s negligence led to the Masjid Al Nabawi catching fire which burned the Mihrab, the treasures (dating back to 300H), books, etc. The fire was so extensive that the roof and even some of the walls of the room of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) collapsed, revealing his resting place for the first time in 600 years.

The second time the mosque caught fire was in the year 886H (1484CE). On a cloudy Ramadan day, while the Mu’adhdhin was calling for prayers from the top of minaret, a lightning struck the minaret instantly killing the Mu’adhdhin and setting fire to the ceiling of the mosque. A number of people who rushed to put out the fire stumbled from the roof and died. The fire destroyed the Mihrab, the minaret, the pulpit and the doors.