87.50 m

Southern Portico

 It is located in the southern side outside Al Majidi building in the area extending from the southeastern corner to Bab As Salam adjacent to the southern wall of the Mosque in the second Saudi State.

 Its length is about (87.50 m), width is ( 5 m ), and with an area of  (437.50m2 ). It has three doors: A door from the east, another from the west, and the third is in the middle of the southern side, in addition to an internal door leading to the Ottoman building from the Sanctuary.

 This portico is utilized for several purposes, most notably: entering of funerals to be prayed on, then getting them out to Al Baqi’ without need to pass between the rows of worshipers. As well, some parts of this portico were used for the rest of the Imams of the Holy Mosque.