Minaret height: 104-105m




1st Saudi Extension
Regular stairs
(18) Stairs
2nd Saudi Expansion
(6) Stairs
10 minarets
(24) Stairs


In Masjid an-Nabawi the minarets were built for the first time during the expansion of Al Walid Bin Abdul Malik in 88 A.H.(706 A.D.) as the rooftops of homes were no longer meeting the need in informing Muslims at the prayer time.
Four minarets were erected on its four corners with a height ranging between (26.50 m) to (27.50 m) and a width of 4 m.

In (96 A.H./714 A.D.), the southwestern minaret collapsed, so the Mamluk Sultan Nasir Bin Muhammad Qalawun reconstructed it in 706 A.H.(1306 A.D.), and a fifth minaret was added near Al Rahmah door at the era of the Honorable Qaitbay, and it was renewed in the Majidiyah architecture.

In the first Saudi expansion, two minarets remained in the southern side and the others were removed, and two minarets were erected in the two corners of the northern side, and six minarets were added in the last expansion, so its number became now ten minarets.