There are seven big entrances around the mosque and each one has pillars and portals.

The name of these Doors/Babs are

  • Bab-ul-Malik Abdulaziz
  • Bab-ul-Ali Bin Abu Talip
  • Bab-ul-Othman Bin Affan
  • Bab-ul-Malik Fahad
  • Bab-ul-Omar Bin Khattab
  • Bab-ul-Sultan Abdulmecid
  • Bab-ul-Malik Saud

These doors are in the North,East and West and for each one there is a separate entrance and exit. The length and width of the doors are (6 by 3) meters.The doors are made of thick wood with a thickness of 15cm and are covered by a layer of copper.

At the middle of each door there is a big circle and is imprinted by the name of Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and there is a smaller circle in it that is imprinted by the name of Rasul-Allah, and there are some other identical doors in the north and west of the Qiblah of the mosque. 


The doors in ground floor are as follows:

Seven big entrances, each one with five, 6 by 3 doors and

fourteen side doors with the same size.

The name of these fourteen side door are

  • Bab-ul-Abu Zar
  • Bab-al-Uhud
  • Bab-al-Badr
  • Bab-al-Atuq
  • Bab-al-Makkah
  • Bab-al-Kubra
  • Bab-al-Baqi
  • Bab-ul-Jibril
  • Bab-un-Nisa
  • Bab-ul-Bilal
  • Bab-ul-Salaam
  • Bab-ul-Abu Bakr As-Siddiq
  • Bab-al-Rahmah
  • Bab-al-Hijrah