Sq Feet Covered area 

 Statistical Data

Total Area:    82000 Square Meters
Height:    1225 Meters
Total pillars:   2014
Gape between each pillar (pillar to pillar):   6 meters
Sliding Vault (gunbad) weight:   80 tons
Roof:   67000 Sq. meters on which 90,000 people can pray at a time
Yard (free space):   235000 Sq. meters in which 430000people can pray at a time
Total people can pray at a time   698000
Parking Area:   292,000 m2
 Parking Capacity:    4,200
 Visitors Service Facilities:    15
 Facilities Contain    
   Faucet for Ablutions:  5,750
   Drinking water fountains: 700
   Toilet and Shower: 1,900
   Escalators: 116
   Entrance to the parking Area: 30